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  • Literally translated, inspired means one is “outstanding or brilliant … to a degree suggestive of divine inspiration.” John is most definitely “inspired” and divinely guided. Upon my arrival, I knew I was in a safe, sacred space. I felt his healing touch on ALL levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I continue to return to that safe, sacred, healing space for instantaneous peace long after my massage. Thank you, John, for your dedication to the healing arts. You are an inspiration!

Allen, Texas

  • As a dance specialist, I particularly like John's work because he is meticulous and sensitive to the parts of the body that need more attention utilizing a vast array of techniques including Swedish, trigger point, reflexology, or simple stretching. I especially enjoy the moist heat packs applied to muscle groups after the muscle groups are worked on and the relaxing environment that he creates.

Lily Cabatu Weiss, Dance Coordinator
Dallas, Texas

  • John is a Masseur Extraordinare. Having had several massages from him, I can best describe his service as a quiet and caring, approaching perfect inner peace. His quiet, dark, warm room with soft meditative music puts me into a deep state of relaxation. His gentle touch takes me to a depth of calm I have seldom experienced. All cares and worries seem to disappear. At the end of the sessions I have felt as though I was in a cocoon under a layer of warm towels. After a few minutes of being alone in total quiet, I can then slowly return to the present - relieved of tension and clear of mind. A fantastic experience.

R.S.M., Musician
Fort Worth

  • John Howell saved me many hours of pain and agony following an injury. I have enjoyed his experience as well as his soft and pleasant attitude during my time of need. His love for his work and people as well as his talent and ability to soothe the nerves and calm the body are more than just an average massage. With my problems, that were many at that time, John covered the smallest details with care and administered his wonderful touch to make my whole being function and correct the wrongs that my body had endured. John is not only a dedicated person but a gentle soul who is good for the soul, body and being. I recommend his work to everyone. One treatment, makes the whole body respond in harmony. I am an artist, musician, in the performing arts, teacher, a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and am active in several civic organizations. I keep a very busy schedule that requires my energy which made John's welcome relief even more appreciated.

Martha Dahlberg
Dallas, TX

  • John is a very gifted and intuitive massage therapist. I have worked with him for almost two years and he has created a completely safe space for me to connect with my highest potential. John works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. He is always mindful of where I am when we meet and works from and with that place. I recommend him highly.

Plano, TX

  • Being a part-time Massage Therapist myself, I know exactly what to look for in a great massage session and I can honestly say that John Howell's probably is the best that I have had throughout my 3 years of experience. Besides his relaxation techniques that transport me into a nice and calm mood even if I am very stressed out, he is using the most effective ways to relieve any aches I might have. His sessions are very different and can't compare to other Therapist's. He has an extraordinarily broad spectrum of strokes and techniques, working hard to get to the bottom of the "problem". He is genuinely interested in helping his clients, I believe. There are many Massage Therapists in this city, but John really makes a difference with his very unique approach to massaging. He should get a patent for it!!!

Kerstin Tiedemann
Tax Consultant

  • I have taken the opportunity to visit John for massage several times. He takes the time to make sure I am completely comfortable before and during the session. And because he allows two hours for the massage session, he can use a greater variety of massage strokes and techniques. The sessions never feel rushed, and I leave totally relaxed and refreshed.

Peter S.
Dallas, TX

  • Massage for me has been a form of therapy which gives me both physical as well as mental well-being. It is the one event in my life which is for me alone, where I am number one at least for two hours. John's professional manner as well as his deep, relaxing voice can make one float into a dream-like state, from which one recovers renewed and refreshed. My only regret - not getting one on a daily basis.

Susan M., Physician
Cedar Hill

  • I am a Asian. In my country, Shiatsu is very popular. When I got your massage, I was surprised by John's high technique about Shiatu. He massaged therapeutic point correctly. Especially, later it was effect on my body. The pain of my shoulder would disappear.... Do you understand what I mean? Sorry... my English is very limited.