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Deep Immersion - $160.00

Two-and-a-half of the most incredible hours you've ever experienced. Beginning with Creative Visualization, I paint a soothing mental image that transports you to a place of peacefulness and serenity. Then, depending upon your needs, a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, reflexology, passive stretching, deep tissue (if needed), aromatherapy, and energy work are utilized in a therapy session that can help lead you to a more peaceful, relaxed, and healthy life. Includes hand and foot paraffin spas (if desired), a full complement of low back stretches, and an aromatherapy eye mask. Unlike anything you've ever tried before - it is a time for rejuvenation, comfort, and joy.

Two-Hour Massage Therapy Session - $130.00

While most therapists do mainly one-hour massages, my most requested service is a two-hour massage that is deeply relaxing and nurturing. I believe in order to do a thorough, full-body massage that is detailed and takes into account the needs of the client, the therapy session should exceed one hour. My two-hour massage allows the time to create a unique and wonderful experience. It combines various elements of the Deep Immersion session.

Sleeping Fairy

Two-and-a-Half-Hour Massage Therapy with Hot Rock -  $160.00

All the information on my 'Two-Hour Massage Therapy Session' page also applies here but, in addition, after working an area with my hands, I gently glide a warmed, polished, marble stone over your body. The warmth and natural energy of the stone can help further relax tired, sore muscles and give many clients a wonderful grounding effect that is very nurturing and soothing.

90 Minute Massage Therapy Session -  $100.00

Body Scrub/Skin Care Treatments

Out-calls up to 30 miles (one way) $30.00
Out-calls from 30-50 miles (one way) $35.00
Out-calls over 50 miles - Call to discuss