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John A. Howell, RMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

In this age of hi-tech discoveries, speedy internet connections, fast cars, 50+ hour work weeks, economic abundance for some and cutbacks for others, we are missing a vital ingredient to a healthy life...

Massage Therapy is more than a job to me, it is a passion... a calling. Each therapy session is an opportunity to touch a fellow traveler physically, emotionally, and spiritually and it is an honor for me to do so. I take the time and effort to set the room up to your preference with regard to temperature and lighting. Another specialty that many of my clients find very enjoyable is using hot oils and hot wipe-off towels.

My Massage Sessions Combine Various Elements of the Following:

Swedish • Shiatsu • Aromatherapy • Thai • Reflexology • Passive Stretches • Trigger Point (if needed) • Energy Work • Guided Meditation • Ayurveda

My most often requested service is a two-hour massage that is deeply relaxing and nurturing. Some come for relief of neck and shoulder stiffness - others for low back pain. Thai massage and Shiatsu elements are often emphasized for these situations.

Some are bothered by insomnia and many suffer from almost constant stress which is one of the most disease-causing agents in our society.  If this describes you, a session with more focus on guided meditation, gentle stretching, and Swedish strokes may be just the key.  I don't do cookie-cutter massage.  Each session is unique and designed just for you.

Appointments are not over-booked, they are under-booked.  Everything about your visit is designed with a sense of peace and relaxation.  Nothing is hurried.  On your first visit, I take the time to get to know you and understand your issues of concern as well as your goals for the session.  You will be completely at ease before we begin the actual work.

Some clients have fallen into a deep, restorative sleep at the end of a session.  If so, you are allowed to remain in that state, absorbing all the healing energies that have been drawn to your body, mind, and spirit.

Others exit the table with a vitality and joie de vivre they have not experienced in a very long time and wish to share with me verbally what they have just experienced.  If so, I encourage it and welcome the catharsis and communication.

Appointments are limited and should, when possible, be scheduled in advance.

These sessions are unlike anything you have ever tried.  For many, it is a time of rejuvenation, comfort, healing (physical and emotional) and joy. You must experience it to appreciate the many unique qualities.

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